Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fun Retro Sundress

I made this this week in a pale pink cotton with cream polka dots. Having never fitted with princess seams before, I thought it would be wise to make a mock-up of the bodice to solve any fitting problems. In spite of that, it still doesn't fit like I would wish--odd looseness has arisen in the bust, and I left too much ease through the waist. Fortunately I can still wear it, and adding a cardigan on top not only covers my mistakes, but makes for that true co-ed look. Next time will be better!

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Magistra Mommy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can totally see this dress with a longer skirt and wide-brimmed black hat a la' "Sabrina"/"Breakfast at Tiffany's". All you would need is an extremely large pair of black sunglasses to be set. :o)

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