Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rainy Saturday Pleasures

•Sleeping in til 8:05.
•Puttering in my sewing room while Felix lolls on the landing talking about birds.
•Baking a maple cake and oatmeal cookies.
•Taking Daisy out on my back covered porch to watch the rain, and seeing her fix a beady eye on a dead hosta leaf and exclaim, "Oh, my goodness, a titmouse!"
•Taking a walk at sunset when the clouds parted, under a gorgeous sky, and along lanes redolent of honeysuckle and privet.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

Very nice site. I surfed on in using "next blog".

I am so jealous of you. I wish I could sew too. I've got everything to do it, a nice machine, thread, fabric..... but no skill or motivation.

Keep writing, someone's reading!

Lisa said...

Yep, definitely. Someone is reading. Someone looks forward to these posts like others look forward to a good book. Somehow hearing the description of your surroundings and happenings of every day helps me to see mine through a more beautiful imagery. I catch myself narrating my life. Someday this blog will be a precious heirloom. One more from the Pleasant View Schoolhouse.

Magistra Mommy said...

Simple pleasures are indeed best. My Saturday pleasure was planting some transplanted Lamb's Ear from my neighbor and having Christopher water it with Daddy's help. :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been checking your blog now for the past few weeks. It's wonderful, yes...people are reading!

I do a cut and paste for my daughter (who, with three kids four and under only gets a chance to quickly read).

You live life in the same way we do and I trained my children. Look for the lovely, trust God and notice His handprint on everything we do.

Thank you!

PS: We also love rainy days.

Kelli said...


I just found your blog and have spent a lovely hour reading back over the archives. You are a very talented writer. So many of your posts made me smile and some even laugh out loud..especially the "Sourdough starter". LOL

Your "Home Comforts" quotes reminded just how much I like that book. I will have to get it off the shelf this afternoon.

Your family and home are beautiful and I hope to read more of your posts soon.

Would you mind if I add your blog to my favorites?


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