Monday, May 01, 2006

Home Cooking

Laurie Colwin snagged a great title for her first food-writing book, Home Cooking, followed of course by More Home Cooking. These are two of my favorite food books, and are filled with wonderful recipes and truly funny stories, many of which I have read to my children and are now repeated around the table every so often, just as though they are family memories.

I especially love the chapters "Kitchen Horrors" and "Repulsive Dinners: A Memoir." And I've loaned the books to friends who have loved and profited from them-- Carol has even built a reputation for fried chicken lifted straight out of the "How to Fry Chicken" chapter. Delicious!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and was so pleased to find another Laurie Colwin fan. Isn't she wonderful? I love that you read her stories to your children.
Best wishes.

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