Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Early Morning Kitchen Chores

When I got up this morning we were getting a heavy rain, which makes the house so cozy. And dark--I didn't think anyone would wake on their own and I was right. I so enjoyed having an hour to myself. I had my tea and some of II Corinthians, then started my list of kitchen chores--Tuesday is Kitchen Day. I keep up during the week, but I like to set aside a day for things like:

•wiping out the cupboard where we keep the compost bucket.
•scrubbing the stovetop.
•dusting the light fixtures.
•cleaning everything on the counters--breadbox, salt/pepper/sugar shakers, cookie jar, toaster oven, etc.
•cleaning and refilling the soap dispenser at the sink--why *is* it so dirty?
•cleaning the microwave.
•scrubbing all the countertops with Bar Keeper's Friend.
•and so on, wherever grime collects.

It was nice to knock so much off my list before the day really started. I kept my cooking projects for afternoon (rhubarb cobbler and four loaves of bread), and in between went to court. Split shift, sort of. I think I do a lot of that!

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Anonymous said...

That's quite a list. How long does it take, once you've got it down to a routine?

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