Monday, November 26, 2007

Deep Dark Cleaning

This week I am getting up an hour early every morning to deep-clean the house. This morning I crept past Daisy's door, had my coffee while peering out into the dark, foggy pasture, then got out my gingerbread kit and got to work.

I love the idea of heading into Advent with a clean and peaceful house, so I am following my

Simple Guidelines for Deep Cleaning One Room at a Time:

•Deep breath.
•Put away everything that's out of place, throw away trash.
•Do anything that's going to make a mess, like trimming plants.
•Collect loose items and set them outside the door so they're not in the way.
•Can anything go in the laundry (curtains, rugs), or dishwasher? Do it.
•Dust walls and ceiling with a long duster. Dust everything else within reach with a microfiber cloth. Wipe baseboards and quarter-rounds.
•Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.
•Vacuum upholstered furniture.
•Get a bucket of hot, soapy, fragrant water. Wipe everything that needs it--edges of floors where the mop doesn't get, light switches, any painted walls with fingerprints or smears. Then use bucket to:
•Mop the floor.
•Polish furniture with lemon oil.
•Clean mirrors and glass.
•Put everything back.

I did three rooms today--the sitting room, living room, and sewing room, which are my usual Monday routine. The whole house will be sweet by Friday, and next week will be time for cookies and a few of these trees .


Davene said...

Wow, that's fantastic! I wish I had as much energy and motivation as you do! Unfortunately, this little guy inside me seems to be consuming all my energy at this point in time. :)

Looking forward to seeing your trees!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just the inspiration I needed! I love your simple practicality. You have sort of a minimalist way of doing things, it seems-- minimalist without being at all spare. It's lovely, actually! :-) I printed your cleaning list, and now I'm armed! And tomorrow morning, I'll get started.

I love your crafty and home posts, but I also love getting these glimpses at how your run your practical daily life (it gives insight into how you get so much done).

Susan L (who reads here most every day and has for a long time)

Anonymous said...

anna--i was about to blog about the same exact thing on my site!! i've been a cleaning fool...i love going into the season with a clean home as well!

Anonymous said...

Bless you. You are an encouragement to me.
Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

I love having a clean house heading into the holidays.
I enjoy your blog very much.

Eva Charles said...

I love your blogs for housework. It makes me feel inspired. And that it really isn't that hard.

Lisa Boni said...

I woke this morning thinking about how I need to spend the day deep cleaning my apartment. How inspiring to visit here with my morning cup of tea and find you posting on that very subject!


Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurkdom to tell you how much I enjoy your posts.
I stumbled upon this link tonight, it made me think of you, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I have that same cleaning kit. I'll be thinking of this blog tomorrow when I get out the mop bucket, etc.

I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your blog. Your tips and suggestions are always winners!

Blessings to you and yours.

Heather said...

Thanks for the motivation to clean up my house. You make it seem so easy--of course I'm not there to see you scrubbing away. :) My girls and I modified your cleaning list just a little to include things that needed done in each room and today was the living room. I'm not getting up early to do it though, rather the kids and I are doing it together.

Thanks for all your inspiration!

Gretchen said...

With your permission, I'd love to copy and use this list and take a stab at some deep cleaning. I won't make it before Advent, but maybe by the 2nd week,clean will reign supreme. :) This ismy first visit. I had such a nice time. I came here via Bev from Scratchin' the Surface.

Mimi said...

That's a great plan for cleaning room by room. I love to read how other people manage their cleaning schedules.

Hopewell said...

What is a quarter-round??

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