Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quilting with Clara

Clara and I found a quilt top this weekend that we could not resist. She had been wanting to learn to quilt, and this seemed like the perfect project--comparatively simple, inexpensive ($11), and gorgeous to look at. Does this pattern have a name? I alternate between thinking of them as polka dots and as Christmas ornaments.

We are quilting around the inside and outside of each circle, and it is so satisfying. Especially by the fire.


Julian said...

wow, what a lovely mother daughter project!

AnnMarie said...

It looks like Drunkard's Path blocks, but they are put together in the traditional way. See for instance http://www.frommarti.com/dpgrids.html for various DP designs. This is sort of a variation on Around the World but only a solid color is used in the circle.

And see http://www.quilttownusa.com/mom/dpbeginners.htm for how the squares can be made. made.

And if you don't mind me saying so--I"m proud of myself for recognizing the pattern! I haven't quilted in years but the name came right to me!

Suzanne said...

The quilt is very sharp! It reminded me of the bullseye pattern. Those are a fun first project to make--they look like vintage/heirloom trunk quilts. A nice mother/daughter project:-)

Tammy said...

I agree with Ann Marie, that it is the Drunkard's Path pattern, just not the traditional layout. This patter is also called Robbing Peter To Pay Paul, and I've seen a few other names that I can't remember right now.

What a fun find and project!

Tammy said...

Well...I just did a little bit of googling, and the name "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" is used for several different patterns, but I didn't see this pattern used. So now I'm confused. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with it being a variation of drunkard's path. Is it machine pieced or hand pieced? The $11 price leads me to believe that it is a 60s or 70s quilt top? Do the fabrics suggest that?

Sorry all the questions. I love quilts and my mind is curious.

Well, I'm off to finish a quilting project for my daddy's Christmas present. I love quilting at Christmas time...enjoy your time together!

randi said...

Crafting with my daughters has always been such a wonderful blessing. Memories are made and relationships are deepened and lovely things are created!

Your quilt is lovely!

Pony and Petey said...

Ahhhh...the joy of discovering a new blog where the writer shares my thoughts, values and loves of life!

Thanks for blogging...I know I'm going to spend many pleasant moments with you!

Pony = )

L, Ann and boys said...

Hey, total stranger commenting here. =) I'm a fellow sister in faith though, so I thought I would say a warm, love the blog and found your post trying to figure out how to quilt a blanket at my sisters baby shower without a huge frame set up. I was inspired and smiling while reading about another mom who loves her domestic experiences. =) I'm homeschooling little ones right now but am just starting out with my four little boys 6 and under. I think I'll add your blog to my list as an inspiration in this endeavor. Keep up the good work.



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