Saturday, May 23, 2009

Biscotti for the Road

Chocolate-cherry biscotti from this recipe (I subbed the cherries for the nuts, as someone around here with dreadlocks doesn't like nuts). We're baking for a Savannah road trip: one last delivery of cookies to Giles on Monday. Thought we'd save the postman some trouble.

And, I'll be back here on Friday, a very happy mother!


Caroline said...

Oh no, I'm drooling...I'll have to try these!

Lisateresa said...

Yes, your whole brood will be together again! I'll have to look at that recipe, grazie tante!

Linda said...

Have a safe and happy trip. What fun to bring your boy back home for the summer.

Linda said...

Hi: I am considering homeschooling my six year old son; he is extremely advanced for his age academically, and I am looking for good materials while I pursue it with our school district. Do you use a particular home schooling program/materials with your children? Is it something you would recommend? Would love to hear your thoughts! Linda

Sonja said...

My sister made a chocolate-cherry biscotti for Easter and they were soooooo yummy. Giles is a lucky young man. The postman wouldn't be so bothered if he realized what he was carrying and could receive a delivery "tax".

Kimmie said...

Have a fun trip...hope some make it to Giles. I can imagine that will be the hardest part of the journey.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

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