Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Wrap Skirt for Bella: McCall's 5430

I've had this drapey denim in my stash a *long* time. So long I had to work around a big sun-bleached streak on the fold.

The pattern I picked up last week at Hancock's (doesn't 99 cents feel like no money at all?) because I'm *sure* my mother used this pattern when I was growing up. And I was inspired recently at ShopSCAD where the fashion students were selling cotton wrap skirts lined with vintage printed sheets (but for $130!).

I chose the view with the cascading drape, and cut out a crazy thrifted floral sheet lining to peek out so very cutely. And faced the waistband and the ties with the floral.

Sadly the skirt appears to dip in front in this picture, but I don't think it does in real life.

One last note: I assembled the waistband and ties wrong, so I had to make a giant buttonhole for the tie to pass through. I like it even better than the real assembly, and I didn't have to sew on any buttons!


YayaOrchid said...

Wow! It looks great! I'm sure Bella loves it. I have to look for that pattern, both views are very nice and feminine.

Lisateresa said...

Isn't it nice to not have to be afraid of mistakes? It's very pretty.

Amber Hayes said...

I love this skirt! I have always been drawn to clothing, handbags, etc. that have a fun printed pattern on the inside. Cute photo also! :) I would love to learn to sew someday and become good enough to make some of the fun vintage clothes.

Amber Hayes

Sharon said...

It looks great Anna! I'm sure that Bella enjoys it :)

Have a Blessed Fourth!


Rhonda said...

Very cute skirt. I love to sew and wear wrap skirts and that is a very nice pattern-love the way it cascades and the way the lining peaks out.

Elisabeth Black said...

That is so cool. I want to do this.

Holly said...

Very pretty! I always love to see what you're sewing. It's nice you have a Hancock near you, all of ours closed odwn some time ago.

Lori said...

Could you take a picture of the whole skirt? ;0) I know I'll love it and I think my daughter would too....I just wanna see the rest!

Kate said...

I do believe that this blog post is an answer to prayer! This morning I was considering how I could use a demin skirt for housework days. However, my hubby is not a fan of denim skirts and doesn't want me to look frumpy. However, this skirt pattern could be my answer. It's right up his alley in what styles he likes me to wear. If I get a lightweight denim or even a denim-colored linen/cotton blend and lined it like you did, voila! I'll have my skirt and a happy hubby too! Inspiration! Bliss!

TRS said...

I've been eyeing this pattern too... waiting for 99 cent sale.

Saw it made on Etsy or some such seller and lurve it!!

Eve said...

I have been looking for a nice wrap around skirt pattern. The contrast pop color inside is nice. Is it reversible?

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