Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Grace Livingston Hill Cold Weather Reading List

Partners leads, of course. Dale is barely making it through the winter in the dreary poverty of her boarding-house when she finds a baby abandoned in the snow. Baby baths over a tiny oil heater! Little wool clothes! And finally, the world's cosiest and tiniest apartment.

The Prodigal Girl is actually a brilliant case study of adolescent peer-attachment issues. Fortunately Dad knows just what to do to bring his family back from the brink: winter in Vermont. Luscious hotel dinners, snow-shoveling, and ice-skating.

The Substitute Guest starts at Christmas, but the guest stays for days, snowed in. Cozy suppers, puzzles in front of the fire, and some seriously bad weather.

The Obsession of Victoria Gracen answers the question "What do older women wear to go sledding?"

Homing, finally, is good for cold weather because it's so darn hot.

And if you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's because our power went out in the ice storm!


Nancy said...

Anna, I want to thank you for introducing me to G.L.H.

Since reading of her on your blog a few years ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed her writing.

At one point my step-grandmother, my mother, and I were all reading (different) G.L.H. books. Good stories are ageless.

I'll always be grateful to have found out about her works. Thank you.

Lisateresa said...

This is interesting; from your Christmas GLH list, I recently tried to read "Brentwood", but I found it depressing, so gave it up. I *knew* it would end happily, but that did not help me to forge ahead with it! However, last year I enjoyed "April Gold", so I don't think it's necessarily a problem I have with the author. Your light-hearted synopses are amusing, though.
I hope your power comes back soon. We also had funny weather today - it was only in the mid to upper 30s, but we actually had some thunder and lightning briefly in the late pm.

Anonymous said...

My most favorite GLH is The Honor Girl. I've read it several times and it always makes me want to go and clean my house and cook a great meal. (o:

Polly said...

Several I haven't read on that list! I read The Substitute Guest every year during Advent. Sort of gets me feeling all Christmas-y; love the descriptions of the gifts they give each other! And the food. I love Homing, too.

I'll have to check the others out...esp Partners!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Can't remember the title for sure, but I think "The Barn" (maybe?) is my fav of her books. Love the idea of turning a barn into a home, even though in the book it all happens simpler than in real life, I'm sure. ;-)

Sheila Atchley said...

Just discovered your blog recently, dear Anna, and it is one of the very best I have seen.

We have a winter storm warning here in east Tn. so I have my one GLH book...none of the titles you mentioned in this post, but I did pick one up last week, nonetheless, and only because you so lovingly recommend her!

Keep up the beautiful, diligent work. You inspire!

Karen said...

Anna, I just read one of your suggested books, and loved it. My daughter (14) is also hooked on them. I have a friend who bought about 100 old GLH books off of craig's list for 10 dollars. We are very grateful that she is sharing with us! Thanks for the recommended reading. We'll do plenty of that with the snow we are getting here. Hope the ice doesn't slow you down too much. Have a cozy day!

good_to_be_home said...

Thanks for the suggestions, they all sound delightful!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I haven't read any of those titles except for The Substitute Guest, which I loved.

I will put these titles on a list and see if I can find them! Thanks for sharing.

Julian said...

love GLH!!!!!!!! Knew her before I met your blog, but was unaware about how many books she actually wrote! My favorite is the Enchanted Barn, The next one being Exit Betty. I will have to look on e bay or somewhere to get some more. We have a small library here, and they do not carry many. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Oooo...thanks! I needed some good reads...:) I love G.L.H.!!

Shana said...

Those all sound wonderful. I think I will try Partners. I have not read GLH but look forward to reading her works. I have really enjoyed following your blog- it is always a breath of fresh air :)


cindy kay said...

That is my winter list also; in fact, I recently finished reading all of them but Partners and Homing, because I don't own those. But I often re-read Homing in winter for the exact reason you stated: it's so hot in the story it takes my mind off of how cold it is here!

Melinda said...

Funny, I just finished Partners last night!

Susan K.W. said...

As a teen I devoured Grace Livingston Hill books, long time ago. Found the plots to be either poor young man falls in love with rich girl, or poor young girl attracts rich young man. That's all I can remember from all that reading!

G.L.H. said...

The Gold Shoe also starts in a blizzard. Tho' I tend to read some of these in the hot, hot summer!


Mrs Tailleur said...

I love G.H.L. I am reading The Gold shoe . Well... I sat it aside to read a book I got in the mail " The Homemaker" by Dorothy Canfield It is another interesting book. It has great scenes like rice pudding in the oven and children at the table.
I think the barn book you are talking about is "The Enchanted Barn" I enjoyed it too.
"April Gold" is one of my favorites

Chautona said...

Ok, I have to put a plug in for my favorites. You got one... Obsession of Victoria Gracen. However, I need to add a few more.

Found Treasure (hands down her best and one I think EVERY young teen aged girl should read)

Aunt Crete's Emancipation

Cloudy Jewel

And by her aunt Isabella Alden

Man of the House
Aunt Hannah, Martha, and John

Martha A. said...

You found Brentwood too depressing? It has so many encouraging parts!!! It is one of my favorites!!
I love all the ones you mentioned, but I am a big fan of GLH!!!!

Lisateresa said...

Yes, Martha A., "Brentwood" was really getting to me - I probably gave it up just before things were due to improve, but I was unable to continue; it was too bad for too long!

shelia said...

Crimson Roses...that's the first GLH book given to me as a preteen by a great aunt. I have to say ...i must have 50+ books by her...and have read them over and over...but my first...still the sweetest :)

Hopewell said...

You make these books sounds so wonderful that I go and get one and try again! lol...I always seem to get the same one--girl comes into town alone, ends up almost captive in a house of ill repute... I like the sound of the first one very much, so may request it from the library.

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