Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Storm Cellar Patchwork Collection, and Bad Weather Totes

During the last couple weeks of truly terrible weather I have been, as they say, sewing up a storm. Unable to work outside, I've puttered in the sewing room, watching the north sky through a window streaked with rain, sometimes leaving a project in the machine to gather the girls up and retreat to the safest closet in the house while we waited for a particularly violent system to pass us by.

No wonder my thoughts turned to thoughts of turbulent weather as I designed my patchwork projects.

10% of these sales will go to families who have lost their homes across the South.

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Margo said...

I was shocked at the headlines from the South when I looked at the paper this morning - you are transforming an ugly situation into something beautiful, helpful, and functional. Inspiring, Anna.

Our morning dawned crisp and clear here - I hope this is the weather for all for a good long time.

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