Thursday, October 18, 2012

At the Louvre

Getting to the Louvre before the doors opened was a smart move; we skipped along in front of all the crowds that arrived later.

Of course we were overwhelmed with beauty, and quantity. Truly, things were so well-presented, especially the marbles.

If only we could have kept going for hours more--we hit our limit after three hours of looking.

I hope there will be a next time.

We saw the most famous pieces, but the Composer professed disappointment at the Mona Lisa; it was too big. After reading for so many years that she's smaller than people expect, he was looking for a postage-stamp sized painting. No dice.

For some reason Daisy had a bee in her bonnet about the Egyptian antiquities and wanted to see them all (only she called them "antique-ies").

We saw some, not all.

We also had, for the first time ever, roast chestnuts. In a paper cone.

And then went home, and, having feasted at the Louvre restaurant, picked up groceries  for dinner. Some green-rinded French canteloupe that cut open to reveal a gloriously fragrant and firm interior, wonderful raspberries, nectarines, and yes, cheese that was smelly but tasted very, very good, even to the doubters.


Lisa said...

How could "Mona" be too big - impossible!!

Your knit dresses must be very convenient for traveling - not as inclined to wrinkle as non-knits.


Lucy said...

I love that dress on you. It is absolutely stunning. It is so nice to see some photos of you. Your girls definitely take after you :)

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that the Mona Lisa was under glass AND she looked like she was under strobe lights from all the people taking pictures with their flashes (huh? I didn't even think you could take pictures with a flash in a museum). We couldn't get within 20 feet of her, the crowd was HUGE. No biggie. I'm glad you are having fun in France! My biggest memory of Paris was my picky friend INSISTING on ordering a medium rare steak and then practically crying when she got meat that was still raw. Enjoy the rest of your visit. No big birthday dinner "with courses" this year?

Rose said...

How interesting to read of the Composer's reaction to the Mona Lisa! For years customers in our art shop have explained how small it is in real life, it certainly has shrunk in my mind but not to postage stamp size -- yet!

Susan Holt Simpson said...

Wow! What a great trip! Would love to go there someday!


Marcia said...

What a beautiful learning experience made even more beautiful because it was shared with loved ones :-)

Fiona said...

Don't know if I will ever get to Paris, so it's lovely to see it through your eyes, sounds like you've been doing what I would choose to do, too. Lovely to see photos of you and your girls, too. Thanks for sharing those with us.

jemilyea said...

I've really been enjoying your latest posts. Thank you for letting me share a bit in your trip.

Pam said...

Thank you, thank you, for letting us enjoy your autumn in Paris with you. Sigh . . .

You're visiting some of the places I remember so fondly from 24 years ago - perhaps it's time to go back?

I highly recommend a side trip to the cathedral at Chartre. You will not regret it. If you can tour with Malcolm Miller, you'll remember it always.

Jodes said...

Yes! I had the same issue with the Mona Lisa! I had heard so many times that it is tiny, and then find that while it's not huge it is quite a respectable size.

I am enjoying travelling the streets of Paris with you. I only spent two days there, and would love to go back some day.

Polly said...

I love this!

In my mind the Mona Lisa has shrunk to nothing, too. My husband told me how small the painting is so I think I've made it quite wee mentally.

I really love your dresses--they do seem like such perfect traveling dresses--comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and classic. I am actually starting to toy with familiarizing myself w/ Alabama Chanin as a result.

Everything you are doing seems like something we would do while there, so I am really enjoying your travelogue here!

Farrah said...

How much longer do you have in the City of Lights?

Anonymous said...

Hi anna and family hope you have the best time ever a request could you post the web address of a place to buy french braids and bias bindings we had a shop here but it closed decades ago and the quailty and designs were amazing if I could find a source I would happily pay postage (they were pure cottons, silks, silk grosgrain, printed and woven designs the french were the people who knew how to make ribbon) have the 'bestest time'grace

Meghan said...

You look so wonderfully French with a scarf over your dress.

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