Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Musee d'Orsay, and Dinner Out

This morning we headed out to the Musee d'Orsay, that Mecca of Impressionist painting housed in a glamorous repurposed train station.

Imagine my surprise when we entered the courtyard and realized who was waiting to greet us: favorite painting of lady and her *African gray parrot*, usually found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!!

Inside we bought tickets to the special exhibit, still not realizing exactly what was in store for us. Oh my, because it was an unbelievable display of Impressionist paintings that featured beautiful dresses, and rooms of the actual dresses themselves, and similar ones, on dress forms behind glass. And fascinating information about day dress, morning dress, afternoon dress, evening dress, and more.

After lunch we did some delicious wandering around. Passed La Pistacherie, a shop devoted to pistachios as though they were jewels!

Many things in Paris are presented as jewels. And priced like them.

I met a friendly reader on a street corner. Hello, Miles from Nottingham! Thank you for stopping us!

Before it got dark we looked at Saint Eustache, a small and beautiful church.

And then *accidentally* ran into La Droguerie, which was a little bit like dying and going to heaven, for someone who likes beautiful bias binding. I could not resist buying two metres of a periwinkle polka dot fabric to make Daisy a dress with. Or four green velvet leaves for fabric corsages, or three tiny squares of Liberty fabric.

I did resist the yarn which is all hanging in hanks!

Daisy becomes more French every day (see her new purple coat). Bella is still waiting for an opportunity to spend all of her money. Soon, dear!

The Composer's father took us to dinner in a bustling neighborhood restaurant. Daisy was so excited to finally get to order escargot, and loved the little utensils that came to the table. I loved my whole trout, and Bella finished with a poached pear in salted caramel sauce.

Not a bad way to finish.


Lisa said...

You're living a fairy tale for a while!


Linda said...

I am loving these posts. Our daughter married a darling Parisian man and moved to Paris. We haven't been to visit yet, so touring with you has been a delight!

Eileen said...

I am loving your Paris posts!! We were there years ago and still talk about dinner at La Fontaine du Mars and fabric shopping at Rodin! Thanks for the pictures!

Rose said...

Oh Anna it looks so wonderful and so exactly what I hoped Paris to be. I can imagine you in that shop, my DH would think HE had died and gone to heaven at the Musee d'Orsay.

Keep enjoying this lovely autumnal dream of a trip.

Linda said...

Wonderful travelogue! Thanks so much. If ever I get to Paris I will use this as a guide.

seashoreknits said...

Oh Anna, what a perfect day.
And what a sweet photo of you and Daisy!
Love the travelogue - thank you for sharing.

maureen said...

Oh the Musee D'Orsay is my favorite place in Paris! I spent my 45th birthday there, with a wonderful dinner on their top floor. I cannot remember all that we ate that evening, but I still remember feeling like I was in heaven!

I am reliving that wonderful time through your posts! Please keep them coming!

Marlaine said...

Thank you for the lovely photos and descriptive travelogue! It's a treat to get to share a small slice of your trip!

Flepandco said...

"Many things in Paris are presented as jewels. And priced like them."

True...(spoken with wistful whisper)

Anonymous said...

Anna, have you been to the foodie shop G Detou (just north of Les Halles)? Lots of fun ingredients there, also if you walk west to the intersection you'll find a couple of cookware/pastry shops. We didn't make it to the Marais, but apparantly there a lots of cool fashion shops there. HTH for Bella. FH

ania said...

How fun and enchanting!

If you have not already, I think you should absolutely do a parallel Manet posing Daisy and Frederick.

I hope you continue to have memorable and safe travels.

It's amazing that a reader who recognized you from your blog?

Susan said...

Sweet pic of you and Daisy! (It's even better that it's taken in Paris with Daisy in that purple coat.) I'm really enjoying your view of Paris!

Lucille said...

I'm so enjoying reliving parts of our recent trips to Paris. Are you going to come to the UK before you return home?

Polly said...

How funny that you ran into a blog reader in Paris, of all places! It is, after all, a much smaller world than we think. I don't know why but I love that tidbit of your day!

Rachel Marie said...

what a sweet and wonderful time for all of you!

Farrah said...

It's sweet to see your connection with the girls. :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely! What a marvelous time you're having. :) If you don't mind, I'm going to share your post about the impressionist exhibit, as it will be traveling to the US, and I know a lot of Stateside folks would love to attend (so would I, but Paris is a bit of a hike from Kenya!).

Anna said...

Jennie, please do share--I'd like to know myself!

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