Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gung-Ho for Crochet

So I'm very gung-ho for crochet at the moment and determined to improve my skills. Still working out of Cute and Easy Crochet, I made this crochet hook/ knitting needle roll. It's a rectangle of single crochet rows, and then a cream edging.

The linen lining and pocket are constructed on the sewing machine, then hand-stitched in place. I rummaged in my boxes for these velvet ribbon rosebuds made ages ago, and found some bright white twill tape for the ties. Conquered the bright-whiteness with a little dip in hot tea to take the edge off.

It's very pretty and I love having my hooks all in one place (they seem to be all size G, but whatever!). In the interest of full disclosure, however, I should say that they definitely slide out of this thing whenever it's not upright.

Next up, my fingerless gloves with a lacy edge!


Anonymous said...

I love your hook holder, Anna. I have a similar one for my double-pointed knitting needles. Made sure, though, to construct a piece to fold over the top before it's rolled & you say, that open end allows them to fall out! And I've spent years gleaning my knitting tools from various sources; I don't want to run the risk of losing any.


Anonymous said...

you should try making some horizontal cuts (4 or 5) perpendicular to your crochet hooks and just work you hook through them (it will stay in place). something like this, although it's not a great picture

SisterlyLove said...

It's beautiful! I love those roses!

I wonder if you could sew down a wide ribbon along the top edge so that it would hold the crochet hooks in a little better?


Melissa said...

It's beautiful! I made a fabric one for my dpns and I found I needed a sort of flap at the top to hold them in. Can't wait to see the gloves!

Julian said...

That's very cute! I learned how to crochet hearts last week from youtube!

Anonymous said...

very cute! Be sure to take breaks- i used to crochet for hours and developed carpal tunnel. I really miss it! Dee

Jennifer said...


Cindy said...

This is very pretty. I just made one out of fabric, and it is very long because all my knitting needles are the longest kind!

Margo said...

I love the combo of linen and crochet. I would echo the other advice to add a flap to folds down. I make pencil rolls in my etsy shop and I usually add a flap (but my slots are quite narrow, too, which helps to hold them in; a regular pencil usually stays quite nicely in a 1" pocket).

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

It's really lovely! Some sort of flap at the top is definitely the way to go to keep the hooks inside.

TheTayloress said...

I adore the roses!
My enjoyment is crochet; knitting... not so much. Though beautiful things are made by others!

When I first learned to read patterns someone passed on some crochet magazines that had diagrams of the patterns, as well as written instructions.
"The lightbulb went on," and when I was stuck with one the other helped me through.
...I haven't seen any books though; I've been looking for my mother & sisters.

As Brenda mentioned, a flap would be perfect.
Just another linen rectangle sewn to the top that would cover two-thirds down.
Perhaps more patterns will take *use* into account, and incorporate that simple trick. =)
Enjoy your crochet!


Lisa said...

F and G are my favorite sizes, :D!


Tonya said...

very pretty.

Heather said...

Think you would like the granny shawl tutorial on Lally Lou Lou blog.
Regards, Heather (from Ulster).

Amber said...

I have that book and have had that hook case on my list for a long time! I love your choice of soft colors. It looks beautiful!

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