Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm generally not very interested in reading parenting books--I figure that either I'll disagree with the author, wasting both our times, or, conversely, I'll realize all the things I've done wrong when it's too late. But I enjoyed Jennifer Grant's  adoption book  so much that I read her next one too.

Jennifer has done an extraordinary thing I think in showing us a real and healthy family (not perfect, but good enough) when such a picture is very hard to come by. 

Anyone who comes from a family background of serious dysfunction might not even know what to aim for in their family life. Is arguing normal? Are these boys trying to actually kill each other? Will she end up in jail? Also, is parenting preschoolers *supposed* to be this exhausting?

Jennifer writes from that place, with hard-won confidence and peace to share with other parents. Read her and relax.


Kelly said...

I really enjoyed No Biking Inside the House Without A Helmet by Melissa Fay Green, which is also an adoption memoir. I'll be sure to check this one out as well.

Polly said...

Oh. Yes.

Thank you very much. I also don't really read parenting books (except Sally Clarkson because she's inspirational, but I even find her overwhelming at times).

I come from an odd background of divorced-yet-friendly parents, a difficult childhood step-mother, an excellent adulthood step-mother (not the same person), one sister 5 years my junior, being raised by a single mother. So I'm sometimes not even sure what in the world is normal; for instance, sometimes I think I worry too much about my son being so active/loud/crazy at home (he's a perfect angel in public, which is terribly convenient)....but I am completely unfamiliar with the ways of boys.

Definitely going to read it. Thank you for the suggestion.

Brianna R~ said...


An excerpt from Sally Clarkson, to encourage you:

Maria Ricci

Beverly said...

Just bought it with some Amazon credit. I actually wish you would say a little more about your take on parenting and a happy family. I enjoy your sensibilities. Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

I need a little encouragement this week. I've just ordered my copy... thanking you for the suggestion. :)

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