Monday, March 18, 2013

In Search of Spirea

Spent this past warm Saturday afternoon at the greenhouse buying out all the spirea, as my plan is to finish out the Only Spirea Hedge Visible from Outer Space.

I own it, now I have to plant it. 

I also enjoyed inspecting the beautiful succulents. Are they in style now or something? My eye goes right to them.

Just like it does to any turtles that bob their heads up in vats of water hyacinths.


maven said...

Ooooh! What type?

We had a massive spirea "bridalwreath" hedge in my childhood back garden - it must have been seven feet tall and over one hundred feet long. It lived up to its name as I remember using it in my "pretend" weddings as my bride's bouquet.

Margo said...

lovely. succulents are all over Pinterest right now.

Heather said...

Your hedge of spirea sounds amazing! It's too cold to even think about the garden tonight, but the crocus have not heard the weather report because a peek outside this morning revealed their splendor!

Anna said...

Maven, the new bushes are from cuttings from the garden of an old lady in the county. They have the usual arcing branches but with a double-flowering bloom. We shall see! I love that I've got someone's backyard wonder.

maven said...

Anna, That is so cool. What a wonderful act of continuity - I'm sure that it will be just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the old-fashioned spirea too and while in Tennessee recently (I live in Virginia) I found an old-fashioned spirea at a nursery. It's home and planted now. In addition, we love to "forage" for old-fashioned flowers (types of daffodils, iris, peonies, etc.) and shrubs, mostly different colors of lilacs. Found a bonanza of lilacs and another spirea at a country home that's been abandoned for at least fifty years and no one cares anything about it. Am trying your propagation method of sticking spirea twigs into pots now. Fingers crossed! CAT

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