Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Cool for Color Scrap Quilt for Baby

This is my Too Cool for Color baby quilt--done in long columns of strips rather than in log cabins--not for any particular reason, except that sometimes a change is nice! I hope someone out there is a great connoisseur of neutrals, and visits my etsy shop for their super-cool baby.


Anonymous said...

That IS cool! I like it. I tink it'll sell fast, as your quilts always do.

The Mayo Family said...

Boy that was quick....
I always love to see on etsy the size etc...it's gone!
Good for you.
Do you mind sharing ...how big was it?
I love the different pattern.
Also, does your Momma use a frame or....

Anna said...

Lori, about 42 inches square. Mother just quilts in her lap, with the layers safety pinned together.

Lisa said...

I like the strip-style quilt.


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