Friday, September 13, 2013

Alabama Chanin Jersey: Worth It?

Is Alabama Chanin jersey worth the premium cost? Yes.

 Before any other consideration, this is truly wonderful fabric. The colors are rich and saturated, the medium-weight jersey has a great drape, and--o frabjous day!--the grain isn't twisted. If you've ever tried to lay out cheap jersey, you've probably cried over twisted grain. 

 I think of it like buying yarn. You're going to have your hands on it for hours and hours making a piece to wear and enjoy for years. Is $22 a yard reasonable? I think so.

 Although you have to buy three yards to make a six-gore dress, you'll have plenty of fabric left over for a shirt, skirt, bag, pillow, etc. Lots of value!

 The cuts are generous--if you order three yards, you'll actually get close to three and 1/3 yards, just because it's a giving company. That warms my heart.

 20% off sales pop up regularly. Plan ahead, then bite the bullet.

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Lisa said...

Anna, I have been wondering lately how the jersey you got from Mood compared with the AC product.
And, when you do the appliqueing, are the thrift store tees adequate for that?


Davene Grace said...

I am (sadly) not a seamstress, so I can't comment on the merits of that fabric. However, I loved the "o frabjous day" reference! My oldest son memorized that poem this summer, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to hear those words in any other voice but his. Like most firstborns, he's not the most dramatic child in the family; but boy, oh boy, did he get into that poem!

Anyway, thanks for making me smile tonight... :)

P.S. Enjoy your fabric! :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the review - I'm with you on paying a little extra for quality!

Vija said...

Agreed. Excellent customer service, too!

Kimberlee said...

Great info, Anna, thank you. And as the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'!

Anna said...

Lisa, I can't make a straight comparison between Mood and AC because I ended up buying fibers other than cotton there.

For applique, thrift store tees are great! They're often even heavier, which I like in an applique, and you know they're colorfast.

the momma said...

I finally ordered some with the Memorial Day sale. I was thrilled with the Carmine, but, I gotta say, the black was a huge disappointment. (After 1 washing (cool, and hung indoors to dry) it faded so much that I cannot wear my 'black' top with my gray skirt ~ it just looks like mis-matched grays : / I guess black is trickier that way...

Anna said...

Oh, that is disappointing. I would contact the company and hope they would offer to help you out!

kath said...

Callooh! Callay! That poem is stuck in my head now!

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