Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fair Morning

This year we did the fair in the morning so we could catch the dog show. These were some very optimistic dog owner. As in, "I'm sure he'll sit down on command today even though he's never done it before!"

Pigs, of course. I never noticed before today the universal porcine habit of sleeping with your nose sticking out under the fence. I don't know what that's about but it looks like they all do it.

Daisy and goats, of course.

Regency-style pigeons.

And there was a whole poultry auction going on, a fundraiser for somebody's medical fund. So sweet.

 I always love the flowers. They are always humble.

Peppers in gorgeous colors. Literally every entry had a first or second place ribbon so Bella asked someone about it. Apparently because of last year's drought the fair organizers had leftover money to give away, so this year, to enter was to take home some cash.

The rides weren't open yet, but no one felt too sad. Not with the sun shining, the roosters crowing, and a fresh breeze blowing.


Donna said...

I love going to our state fair, always spend time with animals, always want to get chickens, and goats. Thankfully reality sets in! Yes, the pig snouts are usually under the fence!

LISA said...

Nothing like the early morning sun in the fair barn. His mercies are new every morning. Sweet Sabbath to you and yours:)

Amy said...

Nice photos.

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