Thursday, July 10, 2014

Look Who's Behaving

Yes, Mabel was bad, but she seems to have turned over a new leaf. Since she was brought back to the pasture she's been much more docile. And of course, a month farther along in her pregnancy. That'll slow a lady down.

 It's been a peaceful week--maybe she finished sowing her wild oats.

You can see that she still has her horns--it didn't work out for her owner to take her to the vet. Perhaps after all, she'll get to keep them.



Rose said...

I see the goat whisperer has multi-species powers.

Rose said...

Anna thank you so much! I needed a quick chocolate cake recipe tonight and I had an old recipe of yours in my folder. It rose like a dream and looks wonderful with your icing.

Jan said...

I grew up on a small farm and our milk cow was a Jersey that we raised from 3 days old on a bottle. Her name was Sassafras and we always called her Sassy! I and my children grew up drinking "Sassy milk". She was a beautiful light brown and just a big pet. She gave us 15 nice calves and lived to be 18 years old....that's ancient for cows!! Your post brought back sweet memories of our Sassy. Thanks.

Lisa said...

She certainly looks like she has Attitude. :D


Lisa said...

Well, while we're in appreciation mode, I made a pillowcase yesterday according to your (7 yrs ago) directions. Very easy to follow - thanks!


the momma said...

oh, that Mable is a pretty one!

Farrah said...

Sassy indeed.

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