Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Work for Each Day; Work for the Month



Tea and morning pages
Feed the animals
Check email
Run, garden, or swim

Bath and dressing
Make bed
Collect dirty clothes and start laundry
Clean up the kitchen
Wipe the dining table
Take vitamins
Make infused water and tea for the fridge
Tidy the front of the house

Do the Day's Work from my weekly list
Plan dinner and prepare ahead if needed


Swim with Daisy
Prepare dinner

[I'm very much a morning person--I get up early and work hard for several hours, then slow way down after lunch.]


Dust bedrooms, utility room, halllways, bathrooms, sewing room
Wash a few windows
Clean vent hood, fans, and kitchen light (twice each month)
Frontline the cats
Discard magazines
Wash throw rugs
Cook beans and brown rice in bulk to freeze
Clear kitchen counter clutter
Bill work hours
Buy flowers

[Quilt is Blackberry Patch, shown with zinnias and sunflowers]


Shelley said...

Very inspiring. When does blogging happen?

Rose said...

What a nice share Anna, thank you! I read "Frontline the cats" twice, then I giggled as I realised what you meant. Some brands transcend borders. :)

It's interesting to compare routines, like you I do most & best in the morning.

Cindy said...

I'm enjoying reading about your housework schedules. Like Rose wrote, I also like to see and compare how others run their home.

Tanya said...

There is so much beauty and freedom in a routine. Thank you for sharing yours. I'm working on coming back to mine after a (far too long) season of "winging it".

Lisa said...

I have many times wondered about your window-washing method; you've never posted about it, and you seem to have so many! This explains it - a few at a time, rather than all in spring and all again in the fall.


Wendi said...

Ok, this leads me to a floor cleaning question. I think you have all wood floors, like we've always had until recently. I've found that our furniture is REALY DUSTY with wood floors. Like, needing to dust every other day. We finally realized that its probably the daily sweeping of the floors that is kicking up so much dust. If you can dust only monthly, you must have a better method of cleaning floors than we do.....

Anna said...

Wendi, my house does get dusty, but it's mostly the living areas. Cats, birds, firewood, gardening, sewing, etc. make for a lot of bits. We vacuum all the floors with a canister vacuum.

Polly said...

Your monthly work is very, very similar to mine! Although I don't have throw rugs and I no longer work. I schedule in a pedicure, too!

My youngest wakes with me every day so I have ceased doing morning pages (I wrote them for a while when she was a baby). I do look forward to getting back to being a morning person--I'm so much more productive!!-but do love the 3-year-old morning snuggles.

I enjoy reading about your routines. Thank you for posting them!

Tina Foster said...

Thank you so much for posting your routines. I was hoping that sometime in the future you might comment on your homeschool routine, including your most favorite resources and the "Things I Wish I Knew Then" list. Our twins are twelve and I still feel like it's more time-consuming and less inspirational than necessary. Thank you, in advance for any expertise. I truly appreciate your willingness to share such beautiful posts.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this!!

It helps me to see how others schedule and get their housework done.

You always inspire me to make my house more homey:)

C.A. Lewis-McCarren said...

I concur with everyone else -thank you!! for sharing. :). I' have read your thoughts and ideas for years.....always an inspiration and warm comfort to me. Oh, and a huge encougment too Anna!! :). ~ cheryl

Roxanne said...

What are "morning pages"?


Anna said...

Roxanne, they are a practice from Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way--the idea is that first thing in the morning you sit down and write three stream-of-consciousness pages on paper. No computer, no typing, no goal--just empty your head out onto the page. I have been doing these for twenty years or so and couldn't stop if I wanted to!

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