Monday, August 25, 2014

Alabama Chanin Long Jersey Skirt: Platinum Roses

I tweaked the long jersey skirt pattern in Alabama Studio Style for my own fit--the book's pattern is very straight up and down through the waist and hips, and that doesn't flatter me *or* stay up. 

After sewing the two front pieces together, and the two back, I stencilled the front and back with the "Kristina's Rose" pattern. It's a *very* large stencil. I didn't use the whole thing and it's still huge.

I waited until after the stenciling to hand-fell the seams.

For paint, I mixed up the colors I could find at my Hobby Lobby--black, white, and "platnium." These projects always take more paint that I expect, and it's important to mix enough the first time around, since it's so hard to match the exact shade if you have to make more.

The waist is finished with fold-over elastic from this etsy shop, where the elastic is very cheap and the service and shipping are very fast.


Lisa said...

Very pretty! Is it better to use the paint, rather than markers?


the momma said...

Lovely, as usual!!
I've had to tweak the patterns myself (a good bit, actually) so I always wonder about those people who've paid hundreds of dollars for a kit, which they then spend hundreds of hours on before sewing into a garment - are they upset about the fit? I think I would be...

Anna said...

Lisa, the paint is a LOT faster and gives you the option to blend the exact color you want--and gives better coverage.

The Momma--I have often had the exact same thought.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is just gorgeous!


Rebekah said...

This rose stencil has never been one of my favorites of theirs, but seeing it here, I think I simply MUST use it soon. So lovely.

Denise said...

I recently acquired one of the original Project Alabama dresses from Ebay! So excited when it got here, as it is double layered with the right sides facing out on both layers! I am pondering what to do with it. I plan to wear it to Butch Anthony's talk at our local art gallery in November! I admire your work, and this rose stencil could be the way to go.

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