Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hack Those Grocery Store Flowers!

Today I loaned the house to a friend that needed a place to throw a baby shower. Tablecloth on the table, pretty dishes and a punch bowl set out, and a big vase ready for the flowers. Lisa brought a bunch of bright yellow daisy-style mums, and a handful of baby's breath. 

To quickly make a fuller, more interesting bouquet*, I ran out and cut some kerri japonica, some branches of Lady Banks rose, some grasses, leafless wisteria sprouts (new favorite),  and a few sprigs of crepe myrtle. Really just anything to break things up, bring in new lines, and fill out the vase.

None of these are fancy or expensive, and you can even do it with roadside clippings. Grocery store flowers are a good place to start, but don't stop there!

*With more time to fuss, I would have cut those yellow daisies apart. Oh well!


Julian said...

So pretty!

Lisa said...

Apparently your cats don't bother these bouquets; but I suppose they're not allowed on the table. :O


Sarah said...

What a beautiful bouquet - I love flowers from the garden or just wild flowers. So pretty!

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