Friday, August 22, 2014

Clara Returns to School: The Last Autumn Edition

We just got back from taking Clara to college for her last year. These trips are so very bittersweet. The time together is so nice, and it's wonderful to help her get settled in--

and then she goes off on her own. For the third year in a row we spent an evening in the city park while she attended a meeting for the orchestra officers. We are good at entertaining ourselves: Bella had a book on sugar, salt, and fat, and I had an old jersey dress of Clara's that needed just a *few* more spirals appliqued to it.

Daisy ran hills.

The Composer walked about with a camera.

Oh, August.

So much beginning and ending. Coming and going. Losing and gaining.


Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, mine are still under my roof but I know this time will come. I just wish I knew how to handle it with grace, as it starts even while at home. Any advice? I mean for the mothers heart that feels sad at these times.

Tanya said...

It was only recently that I understood why this time of year makes me a bit emotional. It's when there are the most changes. We don't have any leaving this year, as they're gone and firmly planted, but others are starting new phases and stages (two in high school, one starting first, one starting kindergarten and one with an upcoming birthday making him not really a toddler any longer). This homeschooling year promises to be overflowing.

Lucille said...

I've got to say it. How can it be the third year already?
And yet it is my son's fourth year so I know it is true.
And soon I will be a grandmother.

Rose said...

I thought you might be taking Clara back to college. Please give her my best wishes for the academic year ahead.

Amy said...

Well said.

Melissa said...

Lovely post.

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