Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Perfect Knit Dress. No, Really Perfect.

I'm pursuing the Perfect Knit Dress. I know a lot about what I don't want. And most of what I do want. I'm very, very close, and will show you an actual dress in a day or two.

Having made many knit dresses, I've figured out exactly what works for me. From the McCall's pattern, the little pleats in the pullover bodice, and the waistband.

From the Burda pattern, the back bodice with two long darts.

And from messing around, a skirt with no gathers or pleats, just a simple semi-circle. In tea length. I am going to get the whole pattern exactly right, with the exact right fit, and then store it in a fire-proof lock box. Except for when I'm sewing from it.


Rose said...

I have every confidence in you Anna, of course you'll do it.

It's funny that you should say this now because I am in the process of creating -- from several patterns -- my perfect five ply (sport?) knitted cardigan. Fine gauge stocking stitch, shawl collar, narrow cuffs and fitted sleeves.

Anna said...

Won't it be great to have it exactly the way you want it?

Unknown said...

It must be nice to finally find and know,and be able to make what you want. I can't wait to see!

the momma said...

I do hope you'll share pictures! (full pictures!!) I'm excited to see what you've come up with :-)
(I'm curious where all of your AC dresses rank in the perfect knit dress line-up)
happy perfecting ~ Tracy

Anna said...

I like the six-gore dress a lot, but I'm still not thrilled with the sleeves I've drafted for it, or the curve of the neckline. Also, I think I'm ready for less fabric in the skirt. I still wear my six-gore dresses all the time, but I'm not feeling the need to make any more from that pattern at the moment.

Meanwhile, they're getting older--some fading, some staining, etc. When Natalie Chanin talks about wearing her dresses for a decade or more I have to conclude they don't get as hard of a wearing as mine do!

Polly said...

I am interested to see your perfect version! (Especially the back.) I am a six-gore AC devotee myself (with a major neckline alteration, and a higher hemline), but have never added sleeves (I just go w/ a cardigan). Not long ago I found a fabulous 100% cotton jersey dress with the tags still on at the thrift store and the style is very flattering on me (unbelievably short-waisted, long legs, curvy, major shoulders)--it also has a waistband and I think that's the magic element.

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