Friday, May 13, 2016

Daisy's Keeping Roger

Remember how Daisy was just fostering Roger, the five-day old baby goat who needed to be bottle-fed away from his mother? Someone had dibs on him, but couldn't do the bottle-feeding.

In the "who'd have seen *that* coming" department, Daisy got quite attached and dreaded giving him up.* She gathered all her courage and emailed his owner, asking if there was anyway she could keep him, and another baby could go to Louella's house. . .

 . . . and it turned out that Louella is about to have to move into an apartment in town. That doesn't allow goats. So Daisy gets her happy ending. 

* She was only moderately cheered up by my pointing out that she already has real foster mother problems (she looks forward to the day when she's a foster mother to humans).


Rose said...

... and Roger and Daisy lived happily ever after.

gayle said...

I fostered 18 new born infants, 2 weeks to 3 months. You loved them and gave them a healthy happy start. The rewards outweigh the sadness in the he parting. Your family is delightful and so are you. I have read for a very long time but never commented, know that you bring great pleasure.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Roger is the lucky one;-) If Daisy does not grow up to be a vet I will be surprise.
blessings, jill

Carol said...

I believe that little girl is very happy now! I am sure the goat will have a loving caregiver.

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