Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Felix with Coffee

It's been a treat having Felix spend a few weeks here (he's usually out of the country). He works most of the day in his room, but always comes down for the 11:00 pot of coffee Clara and I treat ourselves to. You can see he's claimed the brown mug for his own.

He leaves in a week and half to head up towards The Wedding (we will follow a bit later). He's in charge of planning the bachelor party--a three-day sail around Long Island Sound. He heads straight from the wedding for Kenya, but we will see him again after that, and have coffee together again.


Julie said...

Gosh your family are all so grown up now. You must be extremely proud of them all.
Hope we get to see some wedding photos.

Rose said...

Hello Felix :)

Polly said...

I love this post, not only because Felix has grown into a handsome jet-setting coffee-drinker (I started reading here when he was much younger!) but the reminder of treasuring the little quotidian aspects of our days with the ones we love. I feel I already do that, but it's so nice to get a reminder. We are in quite different stages of parenting, yet that remains consistent through the years, I think.

Have fun, Felix. I think you will!

the momma said...

How nice that you get to enjoy coffee with your son again; I know what a precious treat that is.
It's funny that you would post this now - My son is visiting with his wife and baby, and just yesterday, I watched him as we were having coffee in the afternoon, and thought, "He is really and truly all grown up; he holds his coffee cup like a MAN." (he's a 23 yr old Marine...)
We sure do have handsome sons, Anna, you and I!
Looking forward to wedding posts :-)

Unknown said...

Yes,your family is sure growing up fast! Kenya,so exciting!! I am definitely looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures!

Lisa said...

Yes, Hello, Felix! How mature you look. And you must be so, with all this world traveling you're doing. God bless you in your work!

What an appealing idea for a bachelor party. (I hope the weather warms up, as it's colder and wetter than it should be over this way.)


Lisa said...

The hair! It's different! That does affect one's appearance.


Garnet said...

How very nice to have him home. And I hope he enjoys his trip to Kenya. We have lived in Kenya for nearly twelve years and really, really love it here. And things are looking nice and green after all the rain. But it is moving into the cooler weather now. Will he get the chance to visit many different regions of the country?

Anna said...

Garnet, I think he'll be mainly in Nairobi. It's a short trip. It sounds really beautiful!

Laura Lee said...

How exciting!
Hopefully the weather will warm up soon. Very Chilly May.
The North Fork of Long Island is wonderful.
Rocky beaches, hiking trails, wonderful restaurants, wineries, farm stands, golf courses, museums, harbor villages ... life is good here.
Great light for photographs.
Enjoy :)

Mana Laura said...

This is so wild because like a few other folks above, I've been reading since you began and still think of Felix as 8 and going birding with seniors who drive dark sedans! Kenya! I am practically next door in Mozambique! If his travels ever bring him here, he's got a virtual friend who can help him out! Hope all the wedding festivities go even better than you're all dreaming of! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Your children have grown into such dashing adults. Felix is no exception. In some way I can't put a finger on, he reminds me of your Terribly Handsome Brother. :-)

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