Monday, May 02, 2016

It's Bouquet Season Again

Clara put this together yesterday: roses, peonies, pink sage, and various herbs.


Unknown said...

Sigh, makes me miss the south!

connie said...

Love this blog. Is it possible to put a link at the bottom of each paste which allows me to post to Facebook?

Lisa Beth W. said...

Sooooo beautiful! God is the best artist. Can't wait till heaven when we can do (and be!) better than faint and faulty copies.

Polly said...

She composes beautiful bouquets! This one is especially gorgeous. Thank you, Clara, for the reminder that I need to snip some sage and rosemary and incorporate those into mine this spring/summer. Our first peony just bloomed yesterday, so good things are in store!!

Marlaine said... lovely!

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