Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Walls in the Stone House

The living room is painted! Still waiting on the new slab of stone that will be the mantel above the gorgeous fireplace.

The small bedroom is painted! All that's left to do is hang some curtains and clean the floor.

The hallway is in the process of becoming Enchanted Forest Green. With lots of white closet doors.

The kitchen still looks like this, sadly, but will receive its subfloors this week. After that, it's full speed ahead with sheetrock repair and tile floors. The cabinets will arrive in mid-November.

And turning back around, here's the view out onto the front porch!


Unknown said...

How exciting!!! Great color choices! I know it will be beautiful when it's all finished!:)

Melissa said...

What a lot of work you all have done. It looks lovely, cozy, peaceful, so many words to describe this place! The simple trim woodwork... Thank you for sharing.

Judy said...

The paint colours are looking wonderful and that stone fireplace is going to be so lovely.

Your repairs in the Stone House are in the same spirit of bringing an old building to right again that are to be found in "The Enchanted Barn" by Grace Livingstone Hill which I read this past weekend. Thank you for introducing me to her. I am making my way through a season of great sorrow, and it was a grace to read a novel of such tender hopefulness.

Unknown said...

Oh my, it's going to be the sweetest little house! I hope we will have the grand tour upon completion!

Lisa said...

I had to take another look at your paint choices - it's looking so nice!


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