Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not That It Needed It

Today I borrowed the neighbor's power-washer and started in on the front deck. To my knowledge, it's never been washed in thirty-five years. It took a long time to do a little bit, so after a couple of hours I decided I'd do better working at my desk, billing for my time, and hiring a professional to do the rest. He'll be here Saturday morning.


Rebecca said...

We power-washed and stained our deck at the lake cottage last May, an project which I hope to never have to repeat! I will say that the deck looks a thousand times better now, and having put so much sweat equity into it, I can sit back and relax on it without guilt. The view does much to aid relaxing: a quite cove, oft frequented by herons and ducks, trees teeming with birds and squirrels. We love our bit of paradise.

Always enjoy these glimpses of your "pleasant view!"

Carol said...

I need to get busy with ours. The green slimy mold is getting to be just a little much on some of it.

Melissa said...

Yes, hire the professional sometimes...then you get to enjoy "your view" knowing you've helped someone else do their job.

Unknown said...


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