Monday, July 03, 2017

A Shawl of My Own Devising

I've made a handful of the Alabama Chanin ponchos--they're the simplest thing you could ever sew, and they are nice! Useful!

 But I'm not a huge fan of asymmetry and I don't want to have to be constantly monitoring accessory placement. So I tweaked the design and put the seam in a new spot (and stenciled it with a little bit of the Magdalena stencil):

Just right for the symmetrical shawl-wearer.


Polly said...

I LOVE it!

The shawl is something on my list to make. I loved them when I saw them in person. But asymmetry is my friend--with one shoulder 2" higher than the other, weird hemlines help me look, I don't know, like the wonkiness is intentional!! Scoliosis chic. Or something.

Especially liking your stencil and fabric combos here....delicate and beautiful.

Anna said...

Polly, you work that asymmetry! I love it!!

seashoreknits said...

Love this, Anna! Although i love ponchos and wear them all through the fall and winter, I have never been tempted by the AC one.
I really like your version - it is right up my alley. And like Polly, I have to comment that your stencil and fabric combo here is indeed very beautiful. Nice job! And thanks for always sharing your AC creations - I enjoy them so much.
I just finished sewing the Factory dress (in the mid-calf length and with sleeves) - just in simple brown jersey with no stenciling or any embellishments (for now anyway). It is so much fun to handsew a dress - or anything for that matter - and the designs are always so well fitting and comfortable.

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