Monday, March 20, 2017

Bits of Daisy's Room + Cat

We were going for a soft, luxurious, cocooning thing in Daisy's room. Clearly it worked for Sister, at least.

No doubt she appreciated the creative layering of fabrics--crocheted afghans on top of embroidered quilts on top of dust ruffles, and the sheepskin laid over the cotton rag rug.

For Sister, it's a little bit like the Princess and the Pea. For Daisy, it's a perfect retreat. Best part: I didn't buy a single thing (beyond the can of paint), just pulled furniture and goodies in from other parts of the house.


Sarah said...

It's so hard to believe Daisy is almost a teenager! I remember back when you started your blog and she was just a baby. Her room is lovely. :)

Unknown said...

Just my kind of dreamy!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! My own daughter prefers cocooning herself in her room.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I would love to have this room!

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